Backlash of Koffee With Karan

This season TRPs of Star World rose much higer than before courtesy Koffee With Karan and the beans spilled by its guests this year. This year was not just some high school goof ups that was exposed but each star took direct shot upon other actor. From cat fights of actresses like Bebo & Piggy chops, ex-flame of Ranbir & Deepika till directors taking pot shots including Karan on Farah Khan. It was all done in front of camera with style and aesthetic values, as Karan is famous for making everything candy floss.

Some of the biggest aftermaths of Koffee With Karan from specially Deepika-Sonam Episode [click here to watch it online].
Deepika as heart broken she was after Ranbir started his fling spree, started vomiting everything on the national television. Her advice to endorse a condom brand actually prompted many brands to knock Ranbir’s door. Paparazzi and gossip mongers were constantly asking same question again and again, who is the lucky girl tonight ?
For a star from one of the most prestigious Kapoor Family, it was too much to take. Rishi & Neetu strongly objected Deepika’s statement and even lashed out upon Karan for not showing the tapes before airing it.

Sonam Kapoor, who once had crush on Ranbir also started attacking Rabir calling him ‘mommas boy, chocolate face’ Not at all sexy. She even claimed to have seen him completely naked with his TINY thing. That was too mean, but … still didn’t miss an opportunity to hurt the poor guy.

Both Deepika & Sonam once again tag teamed to hit hard against popular media editor Sobha De. First they revealed Shobha had pathetic plastic surgery and did her face job. Then they both went on and on about her Character, her attitude and her till date accomplishments – Dirty Book Writer. The aftermath of it was Sobha started attacking those girls in her reviews not even related to them. In recent delayed re-review of Isshqiya, She praised Vidya meanwhile lashed upon both Deepika & Sonam by saying;

Vidya, like Arshad , is an ‘outsider’ who is not a pampered, superficial, anorexic star daughter . She doesn’t need to bitch out co-stars, nor flash her designer labels ( can these ladies spell ‘Prada’?) to attract attention. Vidya is far too refined for such cheap stunts. Yet, she is right up there , giving a run for their money to all those clotheshorses with zero talent but loads of attitude.

Deepika’s rapid fire round another answers, well more of like a question regarding Katrina Kaif’s passport raised too more eye brows than others. Well, as soon as news regarding Kat out of Salman’s protection even these new pussy’s started attacking Kat. Well, Deepika still claim’s it was Kat who is responsible for her break up with Ranbir.
Kat published in a national daily;

Why the hell anyone is so much interested in my passport ?
She cleared the air that her passport Name is different from her movie industry name. Her last name is Turquotte, which she took from her mother’s Name. There are many stars who have different names like Ajay & Akki, who have different name in passport than their regular movie industry name.

“Do You ever ask for Akshay’s passport?” – Katrina lashed out.

Media speculations are already out. It would be now just be difficult for this bold and beautiful gals who has been considered as outspoken and shrill by the most people in the fraternity. In the jest of humor and anger they took shots on many people in the industry on a popular television chat show, which might now ultimately haunt them as long as they stay in this industry.

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