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Bazmee can’t tolerate Salman?

The Salman Khan – Anees Bazmee battle creates problems for No Entry 2.Bazmee can’t tolerate Salman?On March 9, 2011, Mumbai Mirror broke the news about Salman Khan and director Anees Bazmee’s verbal spat, on the sets of Ready in Bangkok.

We now hear that the tension between the two is yet to fizzle out. With Bazmee and Khan unable to see eye to eye anymore, their next project, No Entry 2, is facing an uncertain fate.

A source tells us, “After the ugly fight between Anees and Salman, things have become very bitter between the two. Ever since Anees has returned from Bangkok, from the sets of Ready, he hasn’t met or spoken to the actor.

Salman’s behaviour towards Anees has really upset him. He couldn’t tolerate Salman after a while and so he immediately took a flight back to Mumbai.”

The film’s future is based on who wins the territorial battle, as the source explains, “Whatever happened on the sets of Ready has upset Anees and he is not feeling too comfortable to work with Salman again.

He is in two minds to undertake No Entry 2. Also, Salman is a very egoistic person to bend down.”

Considering his latest rapport with Khan,we ask Bazmee about the future of No Entry 2. He tells us, “I am very much doing No Entry 2. As soon as I am done with Thank you and Ready I will start scripting for the No Entry sequel. Salman and Boney are like my family.”

Producer Boney Kapoor maintained, “Anees and I are starting the work of the No Entry sequel in June.”


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