Movie Review: Yeh Faasley (2011)

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Last year, UDAAN made a sweeping impact on cineastes, so much so that the honors, compliments and accolades keep pouring in to this day. Besides winning tremendous critical acclaim and bagging awards, the film struck a chord with everyone watching it. The poignant and disturbing relationship between a father and son seemed straight out of life. Now YEH FAASLEY explores the relationship between a father and daughter.

However, comparing UDAAN and YEH FAASLEY would be blasphemous, mainly because UDAAN captured the tense moments between the father and son with aplomb, on paper as well as on celluloid. On the other hand, YEH FAASLEY has an interesting premise, but its writers [Yogesh Mittal, Atul Tiwari and Rajendra P. Makhijani] make a complete mess of it and what eventually unfolds on celluloid is mincemeat of a brilliant thought.

Arunima (Tena Desai) loves dad (Anupam Kher) who, she believes, loved her mom too. But her love is put to test when she begins to suspect her dad and holds him responsible for her mother’s death. Will the daughter avenge her mother’s death even if it means standing up against her father?


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Positive Reviews
Average Reviews
Negative Reviews
2.0 “The film does show flashes of substance and form, but there’s a whole lot of flab that renders it formless.”
2.0 “YEH FAASLEY is like travelling a faasla of 100 kms only to find out, you have reached the wrong destination.”
1.5 “The tragedy is that Yeh Faasley isn’t even unintentionally funny so it doesn’t make the grade of so-bad-that-it’s-good.”
1.5 “Maintain your distance from Yeh Faasley”
1.0 “YEH FAASLEY fails to deliver.”
1.0 “Keep your faasla from Yeh Faasley”
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