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Priyanka gifts Shahid a helmet

Are they on? Are they off? Are they on a break? Phew! That’s Shahid and Priyanka for you.

While one keeps hearing of their lover’s tiffs, fall-outs and sweet somethings, this couple has definitely kept the media on its toes! Last heard, Sasha and PC had a big blow up and decided to part ways. A couple of days later, on Shahid’s birthday, he said, “Of course I’m missing Priyanka at my party”.

Wow, where did that come from, Sasha? He also confessed that PC had gifted him a helmet on his birthday. Hmnnn… we wonder what signal this gal is trying to send out… and while we can think of a zillion such reasons (and some naughty ones too), we’d like to think she’s just trying to tell Shahid…’play it safe’. Lol!

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