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Ranbir, Imran bury hatchet

Ranbir Kapoor and Imran Khan are no longer foes. On Sunday, Ranbir sent out a text message to the I Hate Luv Storys actor, in an attempt to sort out the stress between them. Imran texted back and now all is well between the two.

The tension began when an article appeared in a newspaper suggesting that Ranbir was too busy and was passing on film and ad offers to his rival Imran. This showed Khan in poor light, as though he was living on the Kapoor’s hand-me-downs. The infuriated Khan was told by well-wishers that the reports in the media were being planted by the Kapoor clique.

Then TOI broke the story about Imran being chosen over the RK boy for a telecom company advertisment because he exhibits a strong character, loyalty and dedication. This was followed by a volley of articles in various newspapers, painting the RK boy as a ‘playboy’ who was more in news for his women than his work. This was seen as the work of Khan’s PR machinery. The hostility grew.

There were vested interests on both sides, who were fanning the resentment between the two actors. Each day a little more fuel was being added to the fire and things were getting uglier by the day. Then Ranbir decided to take the big step and reach out to Khan. He sent a message to Khan explaining that he had nothing to do with the unflattering stuff being written about him. Imran messaged him back and made his stand clear.

That was that. Imran confirms, “Yes, Ranbir texted me yesterday and I appreciate him reaching out to me. In any case, these are unimportant issues.” Looks like there is peace again. Let’s see how long it lasts. As of now, the two young stars have one less thing to worry about.

It’s impressive how this new generation actors reach out to each other and sort out their differences like cool, mature adults. While the war between Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan continues two years later.

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