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Salman Ready for Jail

Remember 3 Idiots’ Rancho and his mantra of telling the heart that ‘All Izz Well’ even at the worst of times?

Well it seems the character played by Aamir Khanhas had a deep impact on good friend Salman Khan.

The actor, who’s just back from Bangkok after completing a schedule of his forthcoming filmReady, is being haunted by the ugly ghosts of the past. The 2002 hit-and-run case against the actor has been revived after the prosecution moved an application before the Bandra magistrate court seeking enhancement of charges against the actor.

As per the application, the charges against Salman can be tried in a Sessions court with a maximum punishment of 10 years. Though the developments have hit Salman’s fans, the actor hasn’t yet pushed the panic button.

In fact, he is in a positive state of mind even as dark clouds loom large. At a recent interview when the Khan was asked to comment on the latest developments where he might have to see the jail again, he replied, “Serving in the jail will be like staying in a five star hotel for me. Even if I’ll be physically in jail, my mind will be on the beaches of Miami.”

Now, that’s some positive attitude we say!


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