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Shiney moves into tears, gets seven years jail

Bollywood actor Shiney Ahuja’s rape case has been resolved. The case which was running at the fast track court since 2009 was finally out. The actor who was on bail was arrested and taken to jail. He was proved guilty of raping his maid servant at his apartment.

Shiney fought for two years but finally the decision of the court went against him. He was found guilty of raping his maid servant. He was seen outside the court in pink shirt with wife Anupam. After the incident, the girl lodged a complaint at the police station against the actor, cops arrested Ahuja from his apartment. There were many ups and downs in the case, sometimes Shiney comes out clear and sometimes the girl was proved right.

The case was later moved to the fast track court for quick judgment. Finally, the DNA test, the girl’s torn hymen and Ahuja’s and the maid’s torn clothes clearly indicates that Shiney was guilty.

The police, in a 109-page charge sheet, accused Ahuja of raping his maid. An eyewitness said that Shiney broke down after the court verdict but he can appeal in the High Court.


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