Movie Review: Shor In The City (2011)

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A major chunk of the film industry is under the misapprehension that when a film makes it to the festival circuit, it holds zilch prospects at the box-office. It isn’t for the aam aadmi; these films are sans entertainment. Tags such as offbeat and unusual are attached to it, even before the audience can give its mandate. But the perception has gradually changed with time, with more and more people getting cinema literate. These films have been successful in striking a chord with the festival crowd as well as passionate moviegoers. Most importantly, these films have quashed the notion that they aren’t commercially viable.

SHOR IN THE CITY, which won tremendous acclaim at various international festivals, takes this legacy forward. Like some striking films in the past, this one has the power to mesmerize and fascinate the festival crowd as well as those looking for an intelligent film while planning a trip to cineplexes. Yet, it is not one of those regular entertainers that we churn out with amazing regularity and which insult the intelligence of the viewer.

Get ready for a film that keeps you on the edge, but at the same time is one helluva entertaining film. As a film, SHOR IN THE CITY absorbs you into its world in no time. It is slick, has a lot of nervous energy and also has its share of fun moments. This one actually stands out in the crowd due to its unconventional plotline as well as execution.


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Positive Reviews
4.0 “Shor In The City is a brilliant stuff!”
4.0 “recommend that you over-look these glitches and get on the roller-coaster ride that is Shor in the City. You won’t regret it.”
NDTV Movies
4.0 “Don’t miss this black comedy that has heart and soul.”
4.0 “Shor hits the right decibels to make sound enough for you to sit up and notice. A definite recco for the weekend.”
4.0 “Don’t miss this outstanding ode to the city of dreams, goons, guns and glory.”
3.5 “SHOR IN THE CITY belongs to one of those rare categories of movies with sensibilities that would not only entice the festival crowd and the cinema literate, but also lure the ardent moviegoer.”
3.5 “Shor, or constant noise, is clearly the irrepressible energy of the Mumbai air.”
3.5 “Shor in the city is surprisingly enjoyable”
IBN Live
3.0 “Shor In The City is funny and engrossing”
DNA India
3.0 “Shor In The City may not boast of big star names, but it packs in loads of entertainment and an explosive climax.”
3.0 “Not perfect but comes quite close”
3.0 “It’s a very Mumbai film, with seams its hustlers and crooks and losers try and use to their advantage”
Average Reviews
2.5 “SHOR IN THE CITY doesn’t quite make the right ‘noises'”
2.5 “The film suffers because of lack of clarity in the directors, Raj and Krishna’s collective vision..”
2.5 “More gimmicky than authentic.”
Negative Reviews
2.0 “Shor In The City doesn’t quite make much Shor.The story had the potential to make a great film however its execution mires its prospects.”

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