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Salman Khan will be there for me: Kangana Ranaut

The man with a golden heart, spoiled brat, Bollywood’s bad boy, lady charmer — there are so many names for one Khan. But above all Salman Khan is the best friend one can have in the industry. And Kangana Ranaut too has realized this.

Battling link-up stories with Salman Khan and Gerard Butler as well, Kangana chose to clear the air. While talking to a tabloid she reveals her equation with Salman, whom she considers a great friend. Kangana says that with time she has realized that he is the only person in the industry ‘who genuinely loves’ her.

And whenever she will be in need, Salman will be there indeed, that’s what Kangana believes who is hardly pally with anyone else in the industry. Salman and Kangana’s link-up rumours got sparked after the actor’s visit to her birthday party, that too around 4 am in the morning.

What about Gerard Butler dropping by on the sets of her film in the US? Kangana tells the tabloid, he came by to say ‘Hi’.

That’s all from Kangana.

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