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Shah Rukh Khan’s super sized statue

Actor Shah Rukh Khan is literally living life king size. Shah Rukh, who is gearing up for his next release, Ra.One, seems to have taken the film’s promotions to a different level all together.

The film sees him play a larger-than-life character and SRK actually has decided to get larger-than-life! After a wax figure at Madam Tussauds, London, SRK is getting another statue of himself replicated very soon.

Sources say that Khan has decided to get himself immortalised by getting a 10-foot statue of himself erected right outside his bungalow, Mannat in, Bandra.

The actor, says the source, has been toying with the idea of putting up a life size statue of himself outside his home for a long time now.

The actor has at least a 100 people wandering around his home in the hope of catching a glimpse of him outside Mannat every single day. And Khan, being the people’s person that he is loves interacting with his fans.

But it is not always possible for SRK to be personally present to meet his fans and that’s when he came up with a unique solution in a bid to not disappoint his fans.

A source close to the star says, “Shah Rukh is a huge personality and has a huge fan following. Fans from across the world come to Mumbai to catch a glimpse of the superstar. SRK too feels good to have so many fans but feels terrible that he has to disappoint his fans most of the time. That’s why he has decided to replicate himself, right outside Mannat.”

The construction for the statue will begin in approximately two weeks from now and is touted to be completed in a month’s time.So, will Mayawati face stiff competition now?


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