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Farah debuts in a Bhansali film

Farah Khan, choreographer-director-TV host, is now in a different role. Literally. She is the leading lady of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s next production Shirin Farhad, to be directed by SLB’s sister Bela.

This bit of news is interesting for two reasons. First and the big one being this is Farah’s big screen debut. Second, because until recently she and the Guzaarish director were bitter enemies and had even lashed out at each other in print. Clearly now, it’s all in the past.

When asked why Farah as the heroine, Sanjay laughs, “It is the best way of taking revenge on her.” Then getting serious, he adds, “I thought she suited the role perfectly. It’s a funny and very tender and quaint love story of a Parsi couple. And the character of Shirin suits her perfectly. Farah has amazing wit and wicked humour and I could see that translating on the screen.”

The film has been written by Bhansali, who may be known for serious films, but he promises it will be a laugh riot. His sister Bela, who debuts as a director and has edited most of her brother’s films, says, “I instinctively felt Farah was right for the role. Also, she is half-Parsi and has a mad side to her. And there could be no one better than Boman for this role. Expect to see a lot of song and dance in my film.”

Farah laughs when asked about her debut, “When Bela and Sanjay called me for the role, I thought they were playing a prank on me. When they insisted, I realised they were serious. I almost fainted! Here, all heroines are dying to work with him and he wanted me! I know people will bitch and make fun, but what people say has never bothered me. Let’s just say one of the reasons for me doing this film is to annoy them! The other one, of course, is that this is my way of getting back at Sanjay,” she laughs.

She continues, “You have one life, and you should do whatever you want. Even Shirish is supportive. My mother has warned me to get my Parsi accent right, and I think I will be meeting my relatives more often to prepare for this role. Anyway to conclude, it is a sweet role and it suits my personality. I am not attempting to play a sex-bomb. I just hope I can pull it off.”


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