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Kiss wasn’t serious: Zarine

Many an actor are known to let their guards down when in nightclubs. Never mind what the spirits do to you, it’s just assumed that not everything can be seen too clearly in smoke-filled dark places with loud music. Well, the celebs seem to have got that wrong everytime – be it Shahid, Kareena kissing, or even Tabu getting cosy, their stories have all been reported.

Now it’s the turn of Zarine Khan, who was launched by Salman Khan in ‘Veer’. The actress whose song ‘Character Dheela’ has become a rage was at a nightclub with a group of friends. Among them was a special someone who kept planting kisses on Zarine’s cheeks and Zarine, it is heard, returned the affection.

However, Zarine insists that she was just being grateful to the guy who thre a surprise party for her. She claimed that she was single and there was nothing serious about anything at the club that night.



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