Movie Review: 404 (2011)

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Box Office: Flop

2011 seems like the year of experimentations, in terms of content chiefly. Look at the stories being churned out this year. Irrespective of how these films fare at the box-office, you cannot turn your face away from the fact that these films at least made an earnest and honest attempt to narrate innovative stories, which were hitherto untold on the Hindi screen. In a momentous departure from the tried and tested stuff, a number of films lined up for release are hi-concept films made in low budgets, devoid of star support. 404, directed by Prawaal Raman, is one such film.

After making a number of films that didn’t really make much of an impact, Prawaal makes an effort to defy the stereotype. 404 is a suspense thriller with a twist in the end that blows your mind. Unlike those who borrow from DVDs and re-work on characters and locales, 404 is fresh, daring and most importantly, original. 404 is perhaps the first film that depicts bipolar disorder. It’s a tough choice. You have to remain factual while depicting this disorder and at the same time, keep the audience interest alive while narrating a story. It’s a challenge!

The film is about a bright medical student Abhimanyu (Rajvvir Aroraa), who’s brave enough to opt for the supposedly haunted room 404 in his college hostel. The room was locked since three years, after a first-year student Gaurav committed suicide in it. And it was rumoured that his spirit was occupying the room.

Professor Aniruddh (Nishikant Kamat) is mighty impressed by the audacious Abhimanyu and encourages him to stay in the room, to put an end to all rumours. But things take an expected turn when Abhimanyu starts seeing Gaurav’s spirit. Is Gaurav’s aatma real or is Abhimanyu just hallucinating This is what forms the basic premise of the film.


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Positive Reviews
4.0 “404 is a great leap from Rawal’s Darna series: Darna Mana Hai, Darna Zaroori Hai.”
4.0 “Irrespective of whether you’re a fan of the supernatural-horror genre or not, don’t miss this one.”
3.5 “404 is a must watch for horror fans.”
3.5 “404 breaks cliches of horror genre, a must watch!”
3.5 “Go watch it if you want to play the guessing game.”
3.0 “404 is yet another innovative story with a taut screenplay, riveting direction and applaud-worthy performances as its strong points.”
3.0 “404 is a mind-boggling psychological thriller with commendable performances.Don’t miss it.”
3.0 ” 404 is definitely worth your time. Get psyched.”
3.0 “404 surely plays with you psyche. The film definitely deserves a watch and should be encouraged for its efforts.”
3.0 “The movie is totally watchable.”
3.0 “404 is slow, but sufficiently compelling.”
DNA India
3.0 “And for once, there is a mystery – a palpable chill in the air. Every few minutes, you feel that run down your neck as well.”
Average Reviews
2.5 “404 has a lot of room for improvement.”
DNA India
2.5 “It’s tense and eerily treated; and it almost works.”
IBN Live
2.5 “Make time for ‘404’ if you are a lover of thrillers.”
Negative Reviews
2.0 “This could have been a nicely understated, seriously scary chiller..”


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