Movie Review: Luv Ka The End (2011)

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Gone are the days of endless melodramatic stories, dance in the lush green scenic places of Switzerland, chiffon saris, promises of everlasting love. Make way for new age high school romance, where girls will break your bones if you break their hearts. With the changing times, Yash Raj Films too has altered its course by venturing into youth based films under a new banner Y Films and their first offering itself has the potential to become a huge hit.

The promo tag, don’t get mad, get even itself gives you the hint to beware of the new age girls! Luv Ka The End is the story of Rhea (Shraddha Kapoor), a quintessential girl next door is in love with Luv Nanda (Taaha Shah), the richest, most popular boy in college. On the eve of her 18th birthday, they plan to take their relationship to the ‘next level’. When accidentally she finds out Luv is not as nice as she thought he was. Rhea decides to not get mad, but to get even and bring Luv Nanda down! All in the span of one night with the help of her friends.


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Positive Reviews
3.5 “This one’s for the yuppie Facebook and Twitter generation. Go, have a blast!”
3.5 “So all the girls out there buckle up for one crazy night and don’t miss this chic-flick.”
3.5 “A great film for any age group, especially the young ‘uns.”
3.0 “Luv Ka The End is engaging, fun.”
3.0 “If you’re young and not too nitpicky, this is worth your while.”
3.0 “Specially recommended for girls who should go in groups and have a ball (not the balls!).”
3.0 “Luv Ka The End is peppy and enjoyable.”
DNA India
3.0 “Luv Ka The End is a refreshing beginning to new age entertainment!Should work very well among the youth of the nation.A must watch.”
3.0 “Zingy, upbeat and filled with full on girl power, Luv Ka The End is a ‘Luv’ly start to the weekend.”
3.0 “It is a good movie that can make you forget your daily stress and enjoy a hearty laugh..”
Average Reviews
2.5 “The film scores only in some of its performances (Shraddha Kapoor’s gang) and might appeal to young collegiates who want to miss a few boring tutorials.”
Negative Reviews
2.0 “Luv Ka The End is sleazy, homophobic.”
IBN Live
2.0 “Luv Ka The End – Juvenile & amateur.”
2.0 “Luv Ka The End falls into the same trap of all these let’s-target-the-young-demographic movies: in their desperation for coolness, they forget to tell a real story.”
2.0 “Luv Ka The End is ostensibly made for the youth of this country by YRF’s new label Y-Films.”
NDTV Movies


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