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Ranveer Singh smitten by Priyanka’s cousin

Ranbir Kapoor recently said that Ranveer Singh is a friend. Well, we think he’s also sort of a role-model because Ranveer seems to be following in the steps of Ranbir.

To begin with, he still has to admit that Anushka is anything more than a co-star and a ‘friend’. The same gheesa-peeta line that RK had been mouthing about Katrina Kaif, till they split. And now, like the Kapoor lad, Singh has developed a roving eye too.

The Band Bajaa Baraat lad has been cosying up to Priyanka Chopra’s cousin Parineeti. Does this mean ‘bye-bye Ms Sharma? Too early to say. Ranveer and Anushka have a volatile relationship. It has its ups and downs. An insider says, “Ranveer and Anushka have no plans to admit they are seeing each other. They have a mutual understanding, so it’s not like a totally committed relationship. If he’s showing interest in Parineeti — one of his co-stars in his next film, then Anushka must’ve noticed it as she is part of the film too.”

Ranveer began dating Anushka after BBB. He gets smitten by the girls he works closely with, so no one is really surprised that he’s stumped by Parineeti. However, one is sure PC wouldn’t like her cousin’s association with Ranveer. The lad managed to rub her the wrong way. They were at a party, and he kept winking and acting flirty, and Priyanka finally had put him in his place by asking him to behave respectfully as she was his senior in the industry.

Ranveer remained unavailable for a comment. Parineeti could not be contacted.



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