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Sushmita renew love with ex-flame Manav Menon

Sushmita Sen and ad filmmaker Manav Menon have dated five years ago. Their relationship was not long lasting and they split-up cordially. Now it was heard that Sushmita is back in Manav’s life. They met over dinner, chatted and look very comfortable in each other’s company.

Previously, when they dated Sushmita’s adopted daughter Renee did not get along hot-tempered Manav. She could not stand him. But over the years, Manav have changed, he became too spiritual and also learnt to get control over his anger. The picture was very much different from the last time. Renee and Manav turned friends and spend good amount of time together.

Another reason of their break-up is said to be Sush’s closeness with Randeep Hooda.

Well, now that everything has been sorted out, we can hope Sushmita and Manav’s marriage on the cards.


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