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Abhishek Naughty @ 30: Ash Miffed

The rumor is ; everything is not so goody goody between the star couple Mr. & Mrs. Bachchan Junior. First the rift between the couple was evident during Koffee With Karan Season 3 first episode shooting. According to the shooting crew for the show, there was a huge drama before the shooting and even in between the shoot which was cleverly chopped off during editing. Though the reason for the rift was unknown then, but it looks like Abhishek is smitten by the naughty bug at thirty.

After an item boy image, which lifted his career and personality, Abhishek seems to living in the same bachelor world even after marriage. In a recent party thrown by SRK for good performance this year in IPL by his team, Ash-Abhi made entrance to the party as a couple around 3:00 AM but once the party began Ashishek ignored Ash. Ash was left alone, while Abhishek & Piggy Chops were found chatting in a dark corner with lot of laughter and gestures.
According to the people in the party, Piggy Chops pulled Abhishek to the corner leaving Ash alone. Piggy chops was speaking in his ears, which made Ash angry. They had planned to stay in a party for not more than an hour but Abhishek was in no mood to leave the party. After series of flops, Abhishek seems to have taken interest in alcohol and ladies. Ash kept on calling and texting Abhishek reminding to her husband that it was time to leave, but the Dostana and Drona co-stars were so much involved in their conversation that they almost ignored Aishwarya Rai’s phone calls. After a while miffed Ash walked up to Abhishek Bachchan, who was sitting in a dark corner with piggy chops and asked him” darling shall we go’.

They left at around 4:35 am, which was half an hour late.
Wonder, what did piggy chops show him or say to him, in the dark corner?

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