Movie Review: Bheja Fry 2 (2011)

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Am often asked about sequels… Do sequels ensure success? Are sequels a shortcut to victory? Are we exploiting a winning formula to triumph over troubled times? Is there a bankruptcy of ideas and is that the stimulus for resorting to sequels?

I genuinely feel that if a film-maker has created a triumphant trademark/brand name, why should he be apologetic about making wealth on it? But, very frankly, sequels don’t necessarily guarantee victory. Whether it’s a sequel or a prequel, or a recreation of a successful film, it works only if the spectator is able to relate to the goings on. Oh yes, the registered brand makes you connect to a film and its characters instantaneously and perhaps the marketing budgets get condensed in the process. But every film is judged in isolation and very significantly on merit.

BHEJA FRY 2 looks at the escapades of Bharat Bhushan, the idiot, who continues to deep-fry the viewers’ brains with his foolhardy and imprudent deeds. But there are some observable modifications. The most prominent one being, Kay Kay Menon is the next pivotal character, after Vinay and the setting is now a cruise liner. BHEJA FRY was based on the French comedy LE DINER DE CONS, which not only inspired this Bollywood remake but also a Hollywood film DINNER FOR SCHMUCKS. On the other hand, BHEJA FRY 2 comes across as a novel concept.

Bharat Bhushan (Vinay Pathak), the nerd of Bheja Fry 1 returns with all his irritating quirks. This time, he has won himself a free trip on a luxury cruise and is determined to rock the boat for most of the revelers, specially the tax evader, tycoon Kay Kay Menon. In between, he manages to find a potential love interest in Minisha Lamba… at least that’s what he thinks.


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Positive Reviews
3.5 “Sagar Ballary’s second turn with Bharat Bhushan is more ‘fry’ than ‘bheja’.”
3.0 “Watch out for an interesting cameo by Amol Gupte who is creating a niche for himself as an actor of import.”
3.0 “Bheja Fry 2 becomes a metaphor for what is wrong with popular Indian comedy today, unlike the comedies of the 1960s and 1970s: lack of fresh ideas and creative talents with the sense and timing enough to execute it.”
Average Reviews
2.5 “Bheja Fry, Part 2 doesn’t even come close to the original.”
2.5 “You might enjoy the sequel only if you don’t expect a comedy in the league of Bheja Fry.”
Negative Reviews
2.0 “BHEJA FRY 2 rides on a triumphant brand, but one expects a laudable follow up in terms of hilarity and entertainment.”
2.0 “Avoid this film if you love your Bheja. “
2.0 “Highly avoidable..”
2.0 “This sequel is tired and flat.”
1.5 “Bheja Fry 2 is hollow and brain-numbing.”
1.5 “Bheja Fry 2 has blemishes galore. It is nothing like its predecessor. It doesn’t even evoke a faint smile.”
1.5 “This one is dead dull, and a total waste of two precious hours”
IBN Live
1.5 “BHEJA FRY 2 makes your bheja ache. Not funny!”
1.0 “Its unworthy sequel raises, is a few yawns and bit of irritation.”
0.5 “Bheja Fry 2 lives up to its name. Total bheja fry!”
DNA India

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