Movie Review: Bin Bulaye Baarati (2011)

Users Rating: [ratings] ★★★☆☆
Box Office: Flop

Non-stop laughathons are considered safe bet at the box-office. Take a wacky script, pack gag after gag, cast names with good comic timing… well, a leave-your-brains-at-home entertainer is ready to be served. Director Chandrakant Singh does just that.

BIN BULAYE BARAATI follows the footsteps of successful masala movies, which defy rationale and logic. The sole motive/intention is to entertain. Though the film may not boast of a novel plot — we have witnessed similar stories in the past — and you may even complain that the screenplay tilts towards ridiculous and absurd, but the fact is that the entertainment quotient keeps you hooked at most times. Of course, BIN BULAYE BARAATI is strictly for those who love masala films, the ‘single screen audience’ in trade parlance.

This one’s for the aam aadmi…

The story takes off when, Gulshan Grover (Durjan Singh) who sports an unbelievably different look of a dangerous dacoit meets don Mukesh Tiwari (Gajraj) at a casino to sell his diamonds and jewels, and AD (Aftab) who is on the run, takes away with the van full of dacoits’s fortune. As lovers AD and Shreya (Nisha Kothari) are on the run, they come across , Murari (Rajpal Yadav), Hazari (Sanjay Mishra) and Chita Singh (Vijay Raj), who are also on the run.The cat and mouse game of the chase results into chaotic pile-up with more characters colliding together leading to dramatic and comical sequences where all of them end up to take shelter at Madhavgarh Village.


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2.0 “BIN BULAYE BARAATI is for the single screen audience/hardcore masala film fans! “
2.0 “Still, despite very low expectations, BBB turns out to be a barely passable affair. Sad, because this could have been a much more ‘dhamaal’ experience”
1.5 “With a line-up of seasoned character actors known for their comic timings, this could have been a laugh ride. “
1.0 “BIN BULAYE BARAATI are certainly not welcome.”

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