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Shilpa won’t support Ramdev’s campaign

Shilpa Shetty is known to be an ardent follower of Baba Ramdev. She has been photographed with him at his gatherings in the city. She’d also attended his yoga camp. And when she launched her own Yoga DVD, she met him and gifted one to him.

Even though she is a follower of his yoga, the actress disapproves of the Baba Ramdev’s campaign, which has been dubbed as a political agenda. Shilpa says she started followed the Baba for his yoga.

“My mom used to watch him on TV, and I got hooked onto it as well. I really loved the selfless work he was doing for people. I am a yoga follower and practise it too. I met him for the first time to gift him my yoga DVD, and he was very impressed. I was the first person from B-Town to come out with a yoga DVD and fitness concept. He blessed me. I associate myself with and understand the science of yoga but I don’t understand the political part. For me it was a contintuity jerk when I put on the TV and saw him staging a dharna. His entire image for me is related to yoga but that he’s politically too inclined is news to me.”
Does she support his drive against corruption?

“I don’t support what he’s done and the manner in which things have been carried out. As an Indian citizen living in a democracy it is my right to practice, live and voice my opinion. And Baba Ramdev has the same right. I support his theory that corruption should be reduced but I don’t know if I can support the way he’s doing it. Each one of us has the capacity and capability to deal with corruption in our own individual way. It’s sad and traumatic to see so many people affected —women and children hurt… All this is a bit gory for me, and I can’t support it. I am upset with the way the whole thing was carried out. I support his yoga — that’s all.”


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