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Uday Chopra to quit films

After the failure of his comeback film Pyaar Impossible, Uday Chopra seems to have given up on his acting career. With no films left in his kitty, the actor is finally planning to quit films.

Speaking about his plan, Uday informed that his home production Dhoom 3 will be his last film. “Dhoom 3 is my swan song. It will be my last film. No I’m not giving up acting it’s quite the opposite, acting is giving up on me,” said the actor, who is out of India these days.

Uday is having a great time in Las Vegas and informed that he was kicked out of a bar last night for taking off his shirt. “They just kicked me out of the bar for taking my shirt off. I was just trying to impress a chick.” Uday will be seen playing the same character of Ali Akbar Fateh in Dhoom 3. He has also given voice to YRF’s animation film Koochie Koochie Hota Hai.


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