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Are you ready for DON 2: EXCLUSIVE Teaser

This Christmas, shut your doors properly and sleep tight. Instead of Santa, it will be the DON, who will return back. Shahruk Khan, Farhan & Ritesh joined hands to produce the sequel of the remake DON. Priyanka along with Lara will be seen together once again after their debut Andaaz in this movie.

The Don 2 trailer looks pretty darned sharp. We see a speedboat slice through verdant green waters as Khan, in over-baritoned voiceover, tells us that his enemies thought he was dead and now he’s back and ready for more. We catch peeks of Khan in tattooed longhaired Bangkokjunkie/underpaid chinesevan waiter mode, both of which make sense as a disguise while the wounded tiger licks his wounds. A word about the voice, though: in a sequel to a film where he stepped into Amitabh Bachchan’s shoes — which seemed a couple sizes too big for him at the time — this voiceover seems to be yet another tribute from Khan, trying to sound a bit like that man who keeps proving he’ll never be too old.

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