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I was delighted to work with Katrina: Hrithik Roshan

Farhan Akhtar complained that he was only being asked questions that had one-word answers. “Please, guys, ask me other things – I want to talk!” he said.

Did you all have any bad experiences on the trip, or feel that this was a bad idea?
Farhan: No.

Some people say this film looks like it takes off from “Dil Chahta Hai”. Is it like that?
Farhan: No.

Do you really believe life should be lived to the fullest, since we have only one life?
Farhan: Haan.

Katrina: Farhan’s taught me a song that has only three chords, so now I can actually play a whole song on guitar.

Hrithik (on being asked about Katrina as a co-star): I hadn’t seen any of her films before this, but I was delighted to work with her. What I’ve seen her do is not even 10% of what she’s capable of.

Katrina: Thank you, Hrithik, for not seeing any of my films. I’ve seen all of his, by the way.

Hrithik (on the toll booth experience on the highway between Ahmedabad and Jaipur): I had to call out to people to make them look up at me, otherwise most of them were like, ‘chal jaldi kar na’. But once they did, they were very happy, I’m sure, because our producer paid for all their cars!

On being asked what they want to do in this one life:

Ritesh: I want to do a film course next year.

Zoya: I want to do something for my city, Mumbai – the roads, cleanliness.

Farhan: Katrina will tell you what I want to do.

Kat: He wants to be part of a band, part of a skydiving competition club, and he wants to write a book. See how well I know my friends!

Abhay: I want to build houses for the poor.

Kat: And I want to help Abhay build houses for the poor.

Abhay: Promise? Seriously, let’s shake on it. I’m going to call you up on that, you know!

Kat: OMG, everyone’s answers are so emotional!

Kalki: Just to beat Abhay, I want to educate the poor, because education lasts a lifetime, but houses can be destroyed in a minute. Ha ha! And I wanna learn how to dance. I can’t at all, and Hrithik is such a fabulous dancer.

Hrithik: Apart from teaching Kalki how to dance, I want the answer to this question!

Hrithik (on whether there were any funny moments): Yes, our mental boy, Abhay, usne kuch zyada kha liya aur uske pait mein visphot ho gaya. So while we went out to dinner that night, Abhay slept in the loo.
Aap Salman Khan aur Rahul Gandhi ko kya kahengi ki woh shaadi ke liye maan jayein, kyunki zindagi na milegi dobara?

Katrina: That’s so mean – Abhay’s not married either!

The Greek God and Barbie together for this film – how was the chemistry?
Abhay: Who? Ritesh-Zoya?

Farhan, do you believe zindagi milegi na dobara?
Farhan (after a second of surprised silence): Kya aap punarjanam ki baat kar rahe hain?

(Contributed by Kashika Saxena & Chandna Arora)

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