Movie Review: Chillar Party (2011)

Users Rating: [ratings] ★★★½☆
Box Office: Flop

Chillar Party is a small film with a big heart where a kiddo gang shows more maturity than the adult species and a stray dog inspires you to be human.

The film opens with each child character being individually introduced through their traits, helping you familiarize with the Chillar Party from Chandar Nagar society. When Fatka enters the society as a domestic help with his mutt-mate Bhidu, after the initial friction, the boy and his dog become inseparable members of the kiddo gang. Soon a scheming politician comes up with a drive to get rid of stray dogs from the city which endangers the life of Bhidu. The society members want Fatka to leave with his dog but the Chillar Party stands up in support of their friend. Together they attempt every possible trick from signature campaign, chaddi march to spreading public awareness to save their friends.

The reason Chillar Party connects with you instantly is because it is honest and has its heart in the right place. The child actors are neither sugary sweet nor cacophonously cranky. They are pleasantly natural and absolutely believable. The chemistry and charm of the society kids bring back memories of Mani Ratnam’s Anjali (1990). Every kid in Chillar Party has an interesting characterization that gives them a unique identity.

Chillar Party is a perfect example of how a children’s film need not be childish. Unmissable for children and must-watch for adults!


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Positive Reviews
4.5 “Chillar Party is a fun watch.”
DNA India
4.0 “You should not miss this Chillar! Do watch it for its sheer brilliance.”
4.0 “Chiller Party may be a small film.But as cinema goes, in its adroitness, it is much more mature than 99 percent of the films ever made in India.”
Nowrunning 2
3.5 “A story of grit and determination, it works not just as an entertainer, but also advocates a message rather strongly”
Bollywood Hungama
3.5 “Chillar Party is a small film with a big heart where a kiddo gang shows more maturity than the adult species “
Times of India
3.5 “CHILLAR PARTY is an honest and heartfelt film which makes you laugh, cry, clap and more importantly, think.Ekdum faadu hai boss !”
3.5 “Chillar Party has something for everybody, children and adults alike and should most certainly make it to your must-watch list this weekend!”
3.5 “This is one of the major reasons why ‘Chillar Party’ deserves to be a success because only when this happens would others also start thinking on these lines.”
3.0 “Chillar Party is enjoyable”
3.0 “The film strikes a perfect balance between the two poles of the script.Well, almost.”
NDTV Movies
3.0 “Chillar Party is a children’s film so simplistic that it could have been very well made by a child. “
3.0 “All in all, a film with a heart and ample humour. Quite canny for Salman Khan to back it as a producer – his first one and surely worth a watch.”
Average Reviews
2.5 “Chillar Party drags on endlessly”
IBN Live
2.5 “Despite the cartoony swipes, and the thundering track underlying every scene, ‘Chillar Party’ proves that it is entirely possible to make a smart children’s film, with good production values, with kids seen to be having a blast.”
Negative Reviews
2.0 “Filmmakers need to realize Indian tweens are extremely smart and fed on a regular diet of Cartoon Network and roller-coaster Hollywood kiddie’s flicks.”
2.0 “Children? Make your choice”


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