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Salman takes a dig at Shah Rukh

Salman Khan has just raised the bar of sweet revenge. The actor, infamous for his inability to forgive and forget, has devised a fun new way to get back at his archrival Shah Rukh Khan.

Hrithik has not been spared either, even though most were under the impression that the tussle between the two had been resolved.

Under his recently launched production house Salman Khan Being Human, the actor decided to co-produce the children’s movie Chillar Party and use the promo as a way to take digs at SRK and Hrithik.

Our source explained, “Salman shot a funny promo for Chillar Party, where he is interacting with one of the characters, Jangya, who hates the concept of wearing underwear. In the video, Salman questions Jangya ‘Why don’t you wear underwear?’ To this, Jangya replies ‘Because Shahrukh doesn’t and Hrithik doesn’t either. You should also not wear one. Does Aamir also not wear one?’ The promo ends with Salman puzzled.”

When contacted, Vikas Bahl, co-director of the film, said, “Salman has shot this promo with Jangya, who is a filmi keeda, in the film. He cooks up filmi stories to justify why he does not wear an underwear.”

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