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Sanjay Dutt on why he refused a cameo in Bodyguard, and his equation with the two estranged Khans B-Town has been buzzing with what’s happening between Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan. So we ask Sanjay Dutt…

Why are you refusing to play Salman Khan’s father in Bodyguard?

Salman, who is like family to me, requested me to play a cameo role of his father in his film Bodyguard when another actor refused to be part of the project. But I politely declined. I am not old enough to play his dad, as there’s not much of an age difference between us.

You avoided inviting Shah Rukh Khan for your wife’s birthday. Is it because Salman was invited? And then, after your spat with the latter, you invited the former home. Can you explain this?

These are lies published to pit one actor against another! It’s absolute rubbish. I did invite Shah Rukh for Maanyata’s birthday bash, but he couldn’t come as he was not free. This is also the reason he came to my house the next day.

If you are good friends with both Salman and Shah Rukh, why don’t you play peacemaker?

Who am I to ask Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan to forget their fight and patch up? I have no right to intrude in their personal space, just like I would not like either of them to intrude in my personal space.

Is it true that you’ll be replacing Salman in the TV reality show Dus Ka Dum?

Not at all! Salman will continue be the host since he had done a damn good job in the earlier season.

What about co-hosting Bigg Boss with Salman is that a rumour, too?

No, it’s not a rumour. I just shot for the promos of the show with Salman. He will be my co-host only for the first two episodes of the show; then I will take over as the friend, philosopher and guide of the inmates of the Bigg Boss house.

What role do you play in Chatur Singh Two Star?

I play the role of a police officer who thinks that he is doing all the right things. It’s a silly character, which will be instantly liked by families and kids. Though it is based on a novel called Chaalaak Jasoos, director Ajay Chandok has made a lot of changes in the original subject. Ameesha Patel plays my leading lady in the film. And no, it is not a copy of the Pink Panther series because not even a single film of the series has clicked in India. It would be futile to copy such a franchise.

Did you prepare for your part?

Right from my first film Rocky, I’ve never prepared for any role. Here also, I just enjoyed playing the character. The only preparation I had to do was put on weight. Luckily, after the shoot was over, I managed to lose 20 kilos.


For almost six months, I did not touch even a drop of alcohol or for that matter even salt. I survived on boiled/grilled fish, chicken and vegetables.

Are you happy with the film offered to you today?

I am 51 years old. I cannot just play a college student in every film or dance around trees with beautiful young girls. I have to accept this stark reality.

Which of your dad’s (the late Sunil Dutt) films would you like to remake with yourself in his role?

I’d give my right arm to produce and act in a film like Mujhe Jeene Do, which I feel was my father’s all time best film.

How would you evaluate yourself today?

When I watch some of my old films, I wonder how I ended up performing so badly as an actor.
However, all said and done, I have no regrets at all in life.

Today, there is no animosity between my dear sisters and me; I have a good wife who dotes on me, and two cute children, Shahraan and Iqra. Plus, I am getting good film offers.
I couldn’t have asked for more!


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