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Zuban Sambhal ke !

Its not just “D.K. Bose” song on screen which is creating havoc in the industry but even social media is not [BEEP]free any more.
The recent tweet by Ram Gopal Verma has taken filmworld by storm. After watching Big B’s Bbhuddah Hoga Tera Baap, RVG tweeted following;

RGVzoomin Ram Gopal Varma:

Just watched Bbhuddah nd am. angry with bacchan that hes such a chootiyaa not to do films like this nd am such a lund not to realize this

What is happening to language and manners?
Has RGV gone mad or what, to talk in such language to none other than Mr. Bachchan !
Big B & Abhishek will get heart attack if they see this tweet from their special Ramu, which they fondly call this south buffoon trying to act Mumbaiya Bhai.

It doesn’t matter if he is praising Bachchan and degrading himself by calling the ‘L’ word. His choice of words are worse than his movies like RGV ki Aag !
Better learn some good English phrase than roadchap vulgar slang’s.


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