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Advance drama for Bodyguard

Even though the Salman Khan-Kareena Kapoor starrer ” Bodyguard” is keenly anticipated this Eid, it seems that the advance bookings for the movie haven’t exactly seen the kind of start that Salman and producer Atul Agnihotri had imagined.

On Sunday, advance for the movie opened only at PVR and single screens in the country, but at no other multiplex. The reason yet again was the breakdown in discussions between the distributor, Reliance Entertainment, and the Multiplex Association of India (MAI). While the multiplex chains are trying to get the movie and open advance bookings at the terms agreed upon a fortnight ago, the distributors are trying to push through a multi-film deal for an English movie release along with “Bodyguard” and at new terms.

A source tells us, “Everywhere in the country, at all the multiplexes, advances have been put on hold. Reliance is trying to push through a multi-film deal. They are saying that you also ensure release for our forthcoming English films, and are asking for new terms. It is only then that they will they give “Bodyguard” for release to the multiplexes. This is in breach of the agreement that was done between MAI and the Producers Guild a fortnight ago for terms for Hindi movies. Even though the agreement was done verbally at that time, everyone had agreed to the new terms and that agreement is being worked out now. But the distributors for “Bodyguard” are suggesting their own deal now.”

And the buzz in trade circles is that Salman and Atul are both unhappy with the development since they were expecting advances to open on Sunday. Adds the source, “Even though Salman is traditionally thought of as a single screen hero, the truth is that no one can ignore multiplexes, especially after the business that they had generated for “Dabangg”.” Producer Atul Agnihotri said, “I’m only concerned with the promotions and not distribution. You should ask the distributors about this. I have got reports about advance opening at places like Delite from Delhi. And negotiations always happen between the two parties. I don’t have any more info on this.” However, the news is that Mukesh Bhatt is mediating between the distributor and the exhibitors for the movie to release without any hassels.

Utpal Acharya, head, acquisition and distribution for Reliance Entertainment, says, “We have a commercial agreement, under which I am exercising my distribution strategy. This simply means that under the agreement, they can choose the total number of shows they want to give a movie, while I can choose which all locations I want the movie to play at. There is a problem in that that these guys have. We also have some past issues of financial clearance with them and we were not happy with the way they showcased”Singham”. We want “Bodyguard” to release in each and every theatre, and are still open to negotiations.”

According to a source, other multiplexes too have opened advance bookings. Till Sunday night only PVR had opened advance bookings. Wave and INOX may open bookings in some hours, but DT Cinemas, Satyam have not and they haven’t signed the movie yet.


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