Bodyguard Potential Extended Opening Weekend

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Bodyguard has taken a phenomenal advance be it single screens which started last week or multiplexes where plans opened yesterday. The potential for this this film to collect is just mind boggling with the extended weekend and humungous release. But the word is ‘potential’ because there can be a huge difference between the five day weekend depending on whether it meets the public expectations or not.

Dabangg released last year collected 68 crore nett over its first five days and there the five day included a Monday and Tuesday while with Bodyguard the first two days will be Wednesday and Thursday and then the weekend will follow which is huge advantage.

If Dabanng had a similar extended weekend, the film would have done around 76 crore nett and here Bodyguard has a bigger release and higher ticket rates so if the film meets the expectations the public has from the film, an 80-85 crore nett total for five days is on the cards.

However it as all about content and what the public expect from the film because today the openings for event films are so high that if the film does not meet expectations the collections come down very fast from there elevated levels. Basically if Bodyguard meets the expectations of the public, the film will collect over 80 crore nett over its first five days and even a higher total is very much possible.


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