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I’d rather conserve energy than run after girls

Labeled brash and a flirt, Ranveer Singh talks to Subhash K Jha, Mumbai Mirror about the perceptions about him in the industry.

Since the release of Band Baaja Baraat (BBB), you’ve been tagged as being rather brash.

I don’t know why. I am really not brash. I haven’t done anything to rub anyone the wrong way. What you see is what I am. I haven’t changed one bit after Band Baaja Baaraat.

Then, why do people perceive you this way?

I’d like to think I am an actor and I am just doing my job. I’m still very raw. Unlike veteran actors, I need to shut myself away from everything except my work. If people think I am a nautanki, then I guess I’m in the right profession. Dramebaaz aadmi drama nahin karega to aur kya karega?

You’re also known to be quite a flirt.

I am a flirt by nature. I am young. I like girls. I get taken in by attractive women. I can’t help myself.

Then, how would you describe your relationship with Anushka Sharma?

She is a friend, who is becoming more and more distant. Mash Allah she is doing so well for herself. I really think she’s too good for me. She’s far better looking.

So you’re single?

I can’t date anyone at the moment. Where is the time? I’d rather conserve my energy.

We hear that you and Sonakshi, who has publicly declared her crush on you, have been very keen to work together.

We’ve worked together twice already. The first time we performed together at an awards function and then we did a magazine cover together. It would be interesting to do a film with her, but she has signed on so many films.

She has no space for me.

Many in the industry say that you tend to suck up to big directors, like Karan Johar.

With due respect, do I need to? God has been kind. My first film made quite an impact. I don’t need to suck up to anybody. If I am seen being effusive to people in the industry, then I make no apologies about it. If I come across Dharamji or Mr Rishi Kapoor, I am bound to gush. I will bend and touch their feet.

An esteemed producer told me about a not so pleasant incident he encountered with you at a restaurant, where you apparently embarrassed him by loudly asking him when the two of you could work together.

Why would I need to do that? Even if I did, I must have said it in jest. To be very honest, I’ve so many offers. It’s not easy turning them down.

Rumour has it that you have been brought on-board for Sajid Nadiadwala’s 2 States.

I am not. It would be premature to speak about any of the projects I am in talks about. My dates are completely open after Rickly Behl Versus The Ladies.

Considering all the offers your getting, why are you only signing on to a few projects?

It would’ve been the easiest thing for me to sign a dozen films and do any number of endorsements that would keep me busy for the next three years. I am getting crazy offers and more money than I had ever imagined myself making.

What are you doing with all the money?

I’ve zero financial acumen. Thankfully I’ve a father who is a businessman.

Who advises you on your career?

Over the past 6-8 months, I’ve become a lot more autonomous. When I need advice, I consult Adi Sir (Aditya Chopra), my father, Maneesh Sir (director Maneesh Sharma).


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