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I’ll hit you with my work: Salman Khan

Good girls fall for bad boys. That just about explains the popularity of this quintessential bachelor of Bollywood.

All said and done, all fights, link-ups and break-ups given, you can’t deny that he’s the most charming ‘bodyguard’ of B-town. Dressed in a casual white tee, Salman was at his casual best when he came to zoOm to celebrate our 7th anniversary. Talking about his undisputed No. 1 spot at the box office, he said, “I’m not in the race.

Aamir is No.1 and then there are the rest. They can put me at No. 50 for all I care.” Elaborating on the tough tussle of winning over the audience, Sallu candidly said, “Main tumhe apne kaam se maarunga, tum mujhe apne kaam se maarna.” Well, well, we get the sermon loud and clear, Salman. We hope the ‘King’ has heard it too!


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