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John Abraham won’t dance on weddings

When it comes to making money, John Abraham is adamant to earn a living exclusively as an actor. Reportedly, John was offered Rs 6 crore to perform at a high profile wedding last week in Dubai and Delhi. However, as generous as the offer was, the actor turned it down due to his principles.

A source explained, “With his academic background, there are certain dos and don’ts that he has in his life. This is definitely a don’t. Apart from marriage, birthday parties, John also does not attend award functions. He is not arrogant about it but he does this in all humility. He is not trying to make a statement through his actions but this is what he firmly believes in. He is very confident about his work, acting and the films he does and he wants to entertain only through his films.”

When contacted John Abraham said, “For me it will be unjust to tell the media where the offer came from but these kinds of offers have been coming to me ever since I started my film career. The only difference over the years has been that with the appearances, the money has gone up every year. While lots of people tell me that I am stupid to lose so much money, I still refuse to do it.”

When asked about his self-imposed rules, he said, “I never perform as a principle at weddings and birthdays. I don’t even go to award functions and I don’t endorse alcohol and cigarettes. There are a lot of don’ts that I have.”

Once, John was offered to perform at a birthday party, he said that he would come and meet the child but the money should go to charity, the invitee said no. John said, “Today people want to spend lavishly on these functions and it is a matter of status. I believe that people have the right to spend their money wherever they wish to but I also believe everyone should feel the need to give to society.

That’s my only wish. I have been told more often than not by people around me to say yes to these events but I would rather not do it. As an actor, I believe that you should be only seen on screen in your films. There should be a certain exclusivity to you.”

When asked that we heard that he was offered six crores for these performance and is offered huge amount every year for various events John said, “As I said earlier the money has increased with each passing year.

I respect people who are doing it and it is a choice of an individual but this is my choice. How can I perform and dance at someone’s wedding when I don’t even know that person. I know people say that John is stupid, so be it.”


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