Movie Review: Chitkabrey – Shades of Grey (2011)

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When the avowed ambition of a film swells well out of the reach of the talent at its disposal, the end result can be infinitely more disastrous than anybody behind the exercise can possibly fathom. Chitkabrey – Shades of Grey is a classic case of fair intentions marred beyond recognition by warped execution.

It exudes a degree of earnestness that would have been rather touching had it not been so excruciatingly painful. The film may lay claims to being bold and brazen, but what it ends up being is utterly banal, when it is not shockingly bizarre.

Its shades are too hazy to register and its greys are simply not pronounced enough to blur the line that separates black from white. If there is anything to be taken away from Chitkabrey, it is the knowledge (for whatever it’s worth) that the preachy is only a short hop, skip and jump away from the pulpy.

CHITKABREY – SHADES OF GREY revolves around the lives of seven couples entwined in the complexities of relationships. From outside, each of them seems like a happy, close-knit family. But it is not so. As the film unfolds, you get to know the ‘real people’ behind the mask. Their lives are full of treachery, deceit and lies!


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Positive Reviews
Average Reviews
Negative Reviews
1.5 “CHITKABREY – SHADES OF GREY is an attention-grabbing concept gone wrong! “
Bollywood Hungama
1.0 “Chitkabrey, which redefines cock-and-bull with gay abandon, is quite a test. Go for it only if you are a sucker for tedium.”
NDTV Movies
1.0 “Chitkabrey is easily avoidable. Despite having a relatable plot of ragging, the filmmaker fails in en-cashing it right. “
1.0 “Chitkabrey – Shades of Grey has to be one of the top five inconsequential films that have been churned out of Bollywood this year. “
1.0 “Chitkabrey is a waste of time”
0.5 “With hammy acting and a senseless screenplay, Chitkabrey is a punishment best avoided”
0.5 “Some things are better left untold.”


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