Movie Review: I Am Kalam (2011)

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I Am Kalam is a film about an underprivileged child who is inspired by India’s erstwhile President Dr APJ Abdul Kalam and aspires to grow up to be a respectable person like him. While the basic tendency for a film like this would be to show the triumph of the kid’s aspirations by the hands of the President himself with a cameo in the climax, I Am Kalam refrains from any such larger-than-life portrayal and remains rooted. However despite having a realistic approach, the film remains optimistic throughout and there is not a moment of despair.

Chotu (Harsh Mayar), a small kid, is left behind by his mother at a roadside dhaba to work as a helper and support his destitute family. While delivering food at the nearby heritage hotel, he befriends a boy of his age, Ranvijay Singh (Husaan Saad) who is a descendant of an erstwhile royal family that now runs the hotel. The keen-observer and quick-learner Chotu is aided by his friend Ranvijay in his quest for education. Further, on learning that President Abdul Kalam too suffered several hardships in his childhood, Chotu rechristens himself as Kalam and aims to be just like him.

The film starts off on a light-hearted note and it doesn’t take much time for you to fall in love with the adorable and witty Kalam. Watch out for the hilarious chudail sequence.


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Positive Reviews
4.0 “Watch this film made with lot of heart for its poignant story-telling and incredible performances.”
4.0 “I Am Kalam shows how beautiful small can be, especially when the heart is in the right place and the mind is clued in.”
NDTV Movies
4.0 “I Am Kalam gives message without preaching.”
4.0 “Must be watched for its sincere effort to carry forward the world of the child with the same mellow maturity of vision as the recent ‘Stanley Ka Dabba’ and ‘Chillar Party’.”
3.5 “I AM KALAM is an inspiring and motivating film that deserves to be encouraged. Recommended!”
3.5 “I Am Kalam is a winner.”
3.5 “It has enough emotions and drama to touch the heart of any and everyone.”
3.5 “Try not to miss the beautiful I Am Kalam”
DNA India
3.5 “I Am Kalam is yet another superlative children’s film this year. Go watch this hearty film that lingers with you long after.”
3.5 “I Am Kalam is that little gem which needs recognition.”
3.0 “With a child protagonist, I Am Kalam gives an important message particularly to the adult audience on how every child has a basic right for education and to live his dream.”
Average Reviews
Negative Reviews


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