Movie Review: Yeh Dooriyan (2011)

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There’s an interesting dialogue in YEH DOORIYAN that mirrors the mindset of a number of people. In one of the crucial moments of the story, Deepshikha tells her estranged boyfriend, Kaishav, that the society won’t object if a woman marries a man twice her age, who also has kids from his previous marriage. But it would raise eyebrows if a man marries a woman twice his age. Well, that sets you thinking!

A divorcee with two kids. Is life tough? For a single mother, who wears the pants and calls the shots, plus manages home and kids, it’s a challenge for sure. So what happens when she ends up falling in love with a much younger guy? How does the society react to a situation like that? That, in a nutshell, is the gist of YEH DOORIYAN.

YEH DOORIYAN may not be that perfect film that talks of life after divorce, but you can’t deny that Deepshikha makes an effort to portray the reality with a lot of honesty. Though it’s a first-time effort, the writing and even the handling of a few scenes does spring a pleasant surprise.

Yeh Dooriyan is the story of a 35 yr old single mother Simi. She is beautiful, glamorous and a famous choreographer but despite that has a hard time finding the right partner only because – She is a divorcee with two kids. Enters Raj, a handsome model, who sweeps her off her feet. He loves her and her kids but just when things are falling in place for Simi, Raj’s mother played by Kunicca Lal who’s the so called torch bearer of Society reproaches Raj for having an affair with a divorcee. There comes the twist in the tale. While Raj lands in a dilemma about Simi, her ex-husband comes right back pursuing her again. Whether Simi goes back to her ex or whether Raj decides to marry Simi follows through the rest of the plot.


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Positive Reviews
Average Reviews
2.5 “YEH DOORIYAN is a decent attempt.”
Bollywood Hungama
2.5 “Yeh Dooriyan is a classic that has to be seen to be believed.”
DNA India
Negative Reviews
2.0 “Doesn’t draw you close”
1.0 “Yeh Dooriyan is a concoction of trite script, bad screenplay, nasty dialogue and horrible acting. If you want to learn “what not to do while making a film” Yeh Dooriyan is surely for you. “
1.0 “Keep safe distance from Yeh Dooriyan”
1.0 “Yeh Dooriyan has nothing to watch.”


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