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Ranbir mourns loss of rockstar Shammi Kapoor

Ranbir Kapoor has been more affected by the death of his granduncle Shammi Kapoor than even he could’ve ever imagined!

Not one to show his feelings, the actor apparently wept like a baby after the tragedy, surprising even his family, given the two have never really been close.

Says a source, “Apart from his parents, sister and daadi (Krishna Raj Kapoor), Ranbir is close only to is his uncle, Rajiv Kapoor.

The latter, who lives alone in Pune, dotes on Ranbir and showers him with gifts. Ranbir was never really close to Shammiji until they shot together for Imtiaz Ali’s Rockstar earlier this year.

That’s when the actor discovered he had much in common with the original rebel Kapoor, who opened a whole new world to him.”

Interestingly, the young Kapoor showed more restraint when his grandmother (mom Neetu Singh’s mother) passed away last year. He was apparently very close to her.

“His naani stayed with him and his parents. In fact, her room was right opposite Ranbir’s in the Kapoor bungalow. He took her loss in his stride. With Shammiji, it’s as though Ranbir has lost a soul mate.”

While he has left for Kolkata to shoot for Anurag Basu’s Barfee, this loss seems to have taken its toll on Ranbir. We hear he has gone into an introspective mode.

“He has been deeply affected, especially since he worked with Shammiji in his last film, Rockstar. He felt this (working with Shammi Kapoor) was a milestone.


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