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Health is most important in life: Salman Khan

Actor Salman Khan is enjoying his gestation period, and is following his doctor’s advice of complete bed rest! However, accessible even while in the US of A, Salman Khan has recovered only to be a wiser man.

Better in health, Salman Khan has realised the importance of some things and the unimportance of many more. He was heard saying, “Health is the most important thing in life. If you don’t have good health, you have nothing. After my operation and the pain I went through, every other thing seems so small and miniscule in comparision – fights, soured friendships, hits, box office collections, critics’ ratings, what this one said, what that one said – it’s not worth it. Your body deserves your attention.”

Many feel that Salman Khan was referring to the fight that he had with Shah Rukh, when he spoke about fights and soured friendship.

Salman and Shah Rukh were good friends once, but parted ways after a brawl at Katrina Kaif’s party. The two haven’t spoken ever since, and have spared no opportunity to take potshots at each other through the media.

However, the two seem to have now cooled down, and hopefully the issue will be well behind them.


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