Movie Review: Tere Mere Phere (2011)

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Shaadi ka laddoo — jo khaye, woh pachtaaye. Jo na khaaye, woh bhi pachtaaye. Well, that’s an age-old adage that crops up every time people discuss marriage. Deepa Sahi’s TERE MERE PHERE is a comical take on the contemporary idea of love and marriage. The film looks at two couples — one married, another unmarried — and how lots of confusion ensues in their lives, before they ‘live happily thereafter’.

Deepa has a humorous way of looking at some of the most serious situations in life and that’s what makes this comedy unique. Imagine doing a film for the first time, a comedy film, and a road film that too! She ought to be praised for the effort. Though Deepa has made a sincere effort to tell a story that has its share of fun moments, a number of sequences in the movie seem so far-fetched that they are too difficult to absorb at times and that, frankly, is a downer.

Newly-weds Rahul and Pooja go for their honeymoon to picturesque Himachal, determined to celebrate their love and pledge ever-after to each other. But before they know, the honeymoon turns into a nightmare and the two end up fighting with each other on everything…call it adjustment blues. Seeing their soured relationship, hitch-hiker Vinay Pathak who is on his way to marry his sweetheart, Riya Sen, gets cold feet and decides to call off the wedding, despite being madly in love with the hill lass. Will the foursome find love again….


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Positive Reviews
3.0 “The altercations are sweet, the comedy subtle and the backdrop (Himachal, untapped) majestic.Enjoy.”
Average Reviews
Negative Reviews
2.0 “TERE MERE PHERE manages to raise a few laughs, but that’s not enough. One expected more!”
1.5 “Tere Mere Phere fails due to its actors”
1.5 “The end is equally disappointing leaving the viewers wondering as to why you wanted to witness this meaningless marriage.”
NDTV Movies
1.5 “Tere Mere Phere could have been a half decent product.”
1.5 “An extremely loud and raucous Tere Mere Phere is one crazy film that you should be away from. Watch it only if you want to risk your hearing power!”
1.5 “Tere Mere Phere could have been an effective comedy, if the film had dug deeper to give us an interesting perspective on warring couples.”
1.5 “A predictable ending and an unwittingly hilarious climax do the rest of the damage.”
1.5 “The film is such loud and annoying that instead of sympathising with the on-screen couple, you actually wish they split sooner than later so that there is some relief for the victimised audience.”
1.0 “Carry cotton to protect your eardrums from the shrieking, shouting, and incessant arguing.”
IBN Live
1.0 “Tere Mere Phere is a good attempt but lack of a decent initial will tell on its final tally at the box-office.”
0.5 “TERE MERE PHERE is a merry-go-round, which leaves you a bit wobbly in the head.”

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