Salman in no mood to make peace with Shah Rukh

No matter how hard actor Shah Rukh Khan tries, actor Salman Khan seems to be in no mood to smoke the peace pipe with him. In a recent interaction, Shah Rukh said that he wants to wish a speedy recovery to Salman who was about to go through a surgery at that point of time.

Salman who had just been to London for the screening of Katrina Kaif’s last film, indicated that he is in no mood to accept the olive branch being extended from Shah Rukh.

“I travel to different places and meet a lot of people. Let these people pray for themselves,” he said in reply to a specific question about Shah Rukh’s prayers for him. Salman had ignored the first few questions about Shah Rukh initially as well.

Understandably, SRK had previously said that he wishes Salman Khan a speedy recovery. “If anybody is unwell we all feel sad about it. I wish him (Salman) a speedy recovery and all the best in life. Because everyone misses him… it is very sad when you fall ill,” Shah Rukh had said, adding later, “I have undergone several surgeries and I think it is very important, when our bodies get injured or hurt, that they get cured soon. It is not nice when you lead an actor’s life. I wish for a healthy life not only on this auspicious occasion of Eid, but everyday. I don’t want people to have difficulties in life.”

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