Will Bodyguard Hit The 100 Crore Nett Mark In Week One?

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Bodyguard has smashed all opening day records with a collection of 21 crore nett approx and now the question will be can it do a 100 crore nett in its extended first week. This would have been unthinkable six months back but the releases are getting bigger and bigger at a very fast rate.

It can be said 100 crore is just a number so even if its 96 or 97 crore it does not really make much difference to the overall picture and that’s true but 100 is a special number and to be first film to get there in a week is a milestone although be it an extended first week.

Bodyguard is a SUPER HIT film even with a worse case scenario but this 100 mark for the week will depend on what happens on Friday. There is a drop today as its not a holiday like yesterday, it is more noticeable at multiplexes due to the heavy volume of shows. The important day will be Friday as a further drop will make it tough to get to a week of 100 and a jump would mean it is very much in range.

All in all its long term box office run is also dependent on how the film behaves on the normal weekend days of Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


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