A Never Seen Spectacle in Indian Cinema – 3.5/5.0

Had Spielberg seen a country lacking far behind in technological usage in cinema produce a marvel like RA.One,he would have certainly been proud of this earnest effort by a certain Sinha who is relatively unknown in the chapters of Bollywood. What is not to be missed here is the simplicity with which the whole film has been presented and therein lies its beauty.

Beyond characters,it is about the scripting of the movie which shows that a deep thought has been exercised before executing it. Sinha seems to have given much thought to each scene before finalizing the last cut.The minute details have been taken care of and this does not come as a surprise considering its high budget.So the question is–Does it justify its budget? The answer is a resounding Yes! The most important part of the movie is the beautiful development of father-son relationship that leads to some good emotional moments. SRK as the geeky,simple scientist Shekhar does falter here and there but SRK as superhero who throws electric balls with sheer grace is a treat to watch. It is the special effects wherein the strength of the movie lies. A particular sequence where SRk runs on an inclined board with electric sparks emerging behind him is a treat to behold. Another sequence is the emergence of Ra.One whose evolution through phases will be a treat to watch.There are a few shockers up the alley here but more than that the genesis of the villain is a marvelous sequence with the addition of chips and the whole scene has been treated with such perfection that one cannot differentiate whether one is watching Hollywood or is it the same old Bollywood. Another sequence that involves SRK riding the bike,very similar to the bike used in Tron Legacy,is a bit underwhelming considering one has seen it before in another movie but nonetheless it is an entertaining affair.A last mention of a sequence where G.One and Ra.One come together for an epic fight,here one just cannot miss the goosebumps as it has been shot at such a grandeur and the effect is palpable. Terrific special effects with a few underwhelming ones adorn the movie which shines like a jewel.The major drawback of the movie is its length.Some sequences are boring and extended irrationally.

Another drawback is the little time given to sympathize with Shekhar. But if we talk about performances then the little child stands out.He is the pivotal character and he steers the movie with his sweet charm and innocence. Gaming freaks will love this movie.Kareena is in a role of a lifetime.The train sequence and her action part in it is a sheer treat to watch. G.One shines as he is the soul of the movie but Shekhar disappoints a little.Arjun as is a big revelation.Sahana and Tahil are literally non-existent.The music is good and songs catchy.But you do not remember songs in a movie that boasts of such a great visual treat that it outshines every other thing.Emotional aspect of the movie is a major achievement.Considering Sinha had directed a emotional potboiler like Tum Bin,he holds the emotional chords pretty well.All in all a riveting experience.I am still reeling under the effect.Worth a Watch.


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