All in all a disappointing fare, a lost opportunity – 1.5/5.0

To be honest I didn’t had much expectation with the film to begin with but what I saw really disappointed me ! The film has no real structure to being with especially the first half, its only in the second half that the film seems to find some kind of balance or plot ! While the likes of Sallu or Akki can get away with this with their genre of films SRK can’t pull it off !

More importantly, Shahrukh and Salman have always played to the gallery but in their own little ways but lately it seems that Shahrukh has no real aversion to use some Sallu tricks to please the frontbenchers like using crass,vulgar dialogues, repeated innuendos and physical acts around the crotch and butt area ! Even the Kid in the film mouths dialogue “Condom, Condom !” at one point in the film, and the director Anubhav had problem with Delhi Belly !!!

Coming to the performances SRK appears awkward with that fake South Indian accent and wig and fails to convince you as a Computer Geek ! In the second half as the Robotic G.One he is much better but even here at times his robotic artificiality falters. Kareena Kapoor is mostly there for the glamor quotient and has been given a ridiculous character of a Feminist researching about why the abuses the world over are female relatives(mother,sisters etc) oriented instead of male ones ! She tries her level best but really hasn’t much substantial material to work with ! Rampal I think is the most short changed actor in the film………he comes after the interval and appears on the screen for few scenes only, as RA. One can change forms, despite that he does bring a certain menacing quality to RA.One when he appears on screen probably helped by the fact that RA.One’s role is the most well-etched out and clearly written part of the film ! Therefore Arjun comes out the strongest from this film ! As for what was Shahana Goswami doing in this film is beyond me ! We know what a talented artist like her can do in films like Rock On……….but here she hardly has anything to do…..why she did this film …….for money, exposure or maybe she was promised something else altogether then what we saw onscreen….really the film completely wastes her talent !

Rajnikanth’s special appearance is completely forced and has no place in the film, it just doesn’t makes any sense at all, of-course it was a gimmick but it could have been done much more intelligently !

The music is just about okay, with Chammak Challo and Stand By Me being the only two good standout songs of the film, the rest are just average !

The less said about the direction the better lets just say it shows that it is directed by a man who made a film like Cash earlier, actually to call that the film was directed at all would be a compliment I think it was made more or less on Auto Pilot !! Honestly why SRK couldn’t find a better director for his magnum opus is beyond me !!

Yes the Special affects in the films are probably the best ever scene in Indian Cinema, the effort and money clearly shows and that is biggest positive out of this film but alas if it had been woven around a better story,screenplay and characters !

All in all a disappointing fare, a lost opportunity really if only SRK had spend a little more time & effort on developing a good story and characters it could have been so much more ! I suppose It can pass of as a good enough kiddie’s film especially the second half but for me at-least Koi Mil Gaya remians the best Sci-Fi movie of Hindi Cinema followed by Krrish even though I didn’t liked that film much either but still it was way better than this one !


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