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Arjun Dil Se: I would love to do Dostana with Hrithik

Arjun, lot of applause for your RA.One look?
I think it’s come out fantastic. It’s the fittest I’ve ever been and I really worked hard on it. You don’t get many opportunities to play characters like these which are so look defined and it works perfectly for a film like this. That’s why the look is special.

But you’re not doing Don 2. How come?
I just couldn’t fit in Jasjit’s character in the new script. Maybe I’ll be in Don 3.

Apparently, things were not ok with Shah Rukh because you had different views on the RA.One publicity? And he was reportedly upset because you weren’t there for the RA.One wrap party?
I’d never ever argue with Shah Rukh because he’s the king of marketing and publicity and I’ll never argue with him on anything. I think whatever he does, he’s very fair and knows what he’s doing. As for the latter, how could I be in the RA.One wrap party if I’m in Bangkok? I was flying out that same day and unfortunately it was coinciding.

After the National award for Rajneeti, were you expecting to be in Aarakshan?
I’d read the script, not as the prospective cast but because Prakash wanted me to read it. And I thought it was a very good script. I dint see myself fit into any of those characters and nor did he. We’re planning another film together soon and I love him, he’s a great director.

You’re the hero of Heroine. What were you doing when all the drama was going about who’s going to be the heroine?
That was just something that threw everybody off a bit. I’ve shot with Ash and she was bang on for that part and she was doing really well. But she got pregnant and you couldn’t continue shooting with her and God bless her.

You’ve never been linked to anyone. Is it because you’re really good or because you haven’t been caught?
It’s just that I’ve not had the urge to do anything. Not that the actresses aren’t attractive but it’s just that I’m very happy in my marriage and I don’t want to destroy it. We’re all professionals and all the actresses I’ve worked with are really good friends of mine. And I don’t think we’d like to ruin it by doing anything silly.

You are also very close to Shah Rukh and Karan, does that make you a part of a camp?
I don’t think that there’s anything called camps. I’ve worked with everybody in the industry. I think that’s my job, to work with not only established actors but also with new comers or whoever I feel is right for that thing.

Which Bollywood actress you would like to take kissing lessons from?

One Bollywood actress you’d like to see in a bikini?

Your favorite co-star?
Shah Rukh.

If Dostana was remade with you, who’d you want as your co-star?


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