Bit Flawed, Bit Boring yet Watchable – 3.5/5.0

Hmmm… All VFX action sequences starting from the beginning credits and are superb!! They def are inspired from hollywood, but r done in an amazing way!!!
The techology part is explained in very simple way, so i couldnt find any logical plot holes !!
SRK is just the KING!!! I dont know what they have done, but he looks young and frezsh as Gone!! All wrinkles are gone (my firend was saying movie’s budget might have sky rocketed for airbrushing SRK ! Just kidding) Whatever his detractors may say SRK is the KING!!!!
He pulled off all actions with great grace…

Then comes Kareena!!! She is not called Lady SRK for nothing!!! Just it in acting or looking absolutely gorgeous!!! Being a girl most of the time my eyes were fixed on her (A gang of guys who sat next to me were audibly gasping when Chammak Challo song came!! **spoiler** there is a twist in the song)
Kareena and the kid are the glue holding the movie together!!

Arjun comes in the second half and is a cool,sly,mean machine!!!

All secondary character did their part very well!!

There some flaws as well:

1. The intro of human SRK in the firt 15 mins was not soo funny , bit borring and overacted!!
2. There are some highly inappropriate dialogs for kids
3. Unnecessary cameo of RajaniKanth which lengthened the movie
4. Could have edited some scnes and songs and made the movie sharper!!

Fortunately all the boring stuff will get over by the time you actually feel bored and movie will get interesting again!! so nothng to worry


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