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Farah Khan’s husband takes a dig at Shah Rukh Khan’s Ra.One

Filmmaker Farah Khan’s husband,filmmaker Shirish Kunder has been taking potshots at SRK’s film on a micro-blogging site Twitter. And he’s the only filmmaker who’s been taking digs at the actor till Friday afternoon.

Shirish has been on a continuous tweeting spree on Shah Rukh which first began him re-tweeting a message:

“The super hero in Ra One has all the powers in the world, but to entertain.”

Shirish also added,

“I just heard a 150 cr firework fizzle,”

he said on his micro-blogging site. It does not stop here. The filmmaker goes on compare the film with actor Salman Khan’s film.

“Bodyguard is trending. Everything else is pending,”

tweets the filmmaker, whose debut film had Salman playing the lead role.

While Twitter fans of Shah Rukh were enraged, some also pointed out that Armaan Verma, the child actor of SRK’s film looked like him. “That’s me only,” tweeted the filmmaker.

According to sources, the whole Farah-Shah Rukh rivalry episode was also partly due to the fact that Shah Rukh had steadfastly refused to do Shirish’s upcoming film Joker. The ambituous 3D project by Shirish now stars Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha.

Interestingly, Shah Rukh and Farah seem to have buried the hatchet when they were seen hugging and air-kissing at a reality show where SRK was the guest judge.

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