Great first half, bad second half…Wait for DON 2 – 2.5/5.0

A Puri Man Review

Went to watch it in 3D, must say it has a great first half which is ruined by an bad second half, I just did not feel much about this movie but a great opportunity gone in the bin.
It had a story yes, the first half was decent i liked SRK as Shekar, or what ever his name was his chemistry with his son and wife, it was great untill the second half, when interval hit i thought wow this is interesting lets see what happens? What did i get? i remake of terminator 2 judgement day in the second half.

The little kid evan looked like John Conar, and was he protector evan the ending, don’t go reminded me of the ending of Terminator 2, and how he faded out, very very over done 2nd half with special effects…i think they just got a little too excited and threw special effects and totally forgot about the story and plot…

The special effects don’t get me wrong were really impressive, but there is a time and a place where to use them and not just throwing them in, for example the first half the special effects were used at the right time….nothing too overboard, the car chase scene was very well done….i liked it…2nd half the train scene and the climax fight just felt bitter sweat and just way way way way….over the top….

Arjun rampal as the villain was just wasted, i actually liked the Chinese @#$%& as the villain in the first half then him, The kid was okay, Kareena was average SRK was great as the tamil guy but i have nothing to say about him as as he did not have to do much, yes it is better then bodyguard coz it had a story and better special effects, unlike ready and BG…But people that were looking forward to the movie please do not go in with high expectations…It is just a one time watch really…

Great first half, bad second half…good songs….great special effects and way over the top in the train and climax scene….

just watch it if you want some source of entertainment otherwise wait for DON 2 which looks 100000x better

my rating



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