It is certainly better than anything bollywood has offered so far & is more in consonance with standards of Hollywood – 3.5/5.0

By: K K Rai

The plot of the flick revolves around the character of a father Shekhar Subramanian (Shah Rukh Khan) who tries every trick in the book to fit in the cool image of his son’s high- tech world. Prateek wants to change Shekhar from ‘aiiiyyyo’ to ‘YO’ to look cool in his own sense of the word.

Though Shekhar tries very hard to become a dude in his son Prateek’s eye but somehow does not succeed. In fact, Prateek has already given up on his efforts to make his father more cool and suave to suit the image in his own world. The situation has become too bad and they have hit the roadblock.

However, at this point Shekhar strikes gold when he gets success in designing a superb game. The game makes his son and all others happy and it seems that everything will become good for Shekhar, Prateek as well his mother Sonia Subramanian (Kareena Kapoor).

But there is a twist in the tale and Shekhar, Prateek face unexpected hard drive crash and everything starts changing once again, and this time not for good. In fact, the game that Shekhar had designed to be played by Prateek, starts playing with them and everything turns topsy-turvy.

How Shekhar, Prateek and others get out of this mess and if Shekhar is able to find a way out to solve this case, forms rest of the flick.


Shah Rukh Khan, who plays the character of Shekhar Subramanian and G.One in the flick, comes out with a superlative performance perfectly matching his maniac energy. His efforts to fit into the image of his son’s ‘dude’ comes out beautifully and has the potential of making him more endearing to kids.

Shah Rukh Khan’s chemistry with his son Prateek in the film is lovely. His concern for the child and efforts to become a complete family man comes out superbly. At the core of the flick it is SRK’s relationship with his kid that holds out.

Then Shah Rukh Khan’s entry to into the game when Ra.One has spotted Lucifer is just terrific to say the least. In the second half, Shah Rukh Khan’s train chase sequence is mind boggling. Of course, climax portion makes you wonder about the capacity of this actor.

Kareena Kapoor, the sizzling hot bollywood babe who enacts the part of Shah Rukh Khan’s wife Sonia Subramanian, seems to be torn between his son and husband. Kareena has come out a winner. She looks cool and sizzles in the ‘Chamakchallo’ number on the celluloid.

Arjun Rampal, who plays the title character of ‘Ra.One’, comes out with a solid performance. His look is stylish and he performs with consummate ease Arjun gives a new dimension to the whole villainy act in this new avatar.

Armaan Verma, who enacts the part of Shah Rukh Khan’s son Prateek Subramanian, comes out a winner with his super confident performance. The kid never looks to be in awe of big superstars like SRK or Kareena and matches their prowess at every step.

Sanjay Dutt and Priyanka Chopra, who are in guest appearances, add to the glamour quotient of the flick. Rajnikanth, the southern superstar who appears in a sequence, will be applauded by the audience.

Satish Shah, Shahana Goswami, Suresh Menon and others play their parts well and extend able support to the main cast of the flick.

The direction of Anubhav Sinha seems to be in the top notch form. The director successfully extracts the best from not only Shah Rukh Khan, Kareena Kapoor but also the child artist Armaan Verma. Anubhav’s execution of the screenplay is perfect and pace most suitable to the genre of the flick.

The musical scores by Vishal-Shekhar fully support the genre and big canvas of the flick. Numbers like ‘Chamakchallo’, ‘Dildara’ and ‘Raftarein’ have already created a lot of buzz among the audience and will certainly help the flick at the box office.

Action sequences and chases by Andy Gill and Spiro Razatos are superb and fully justify the genre of the flick. Cinematography by V Manikandan and Nicola Pecorini is good. Kanika Dhillon’s dialogues suit the plot of the flick. Other production values are also good.


Shah Rukh Khan has done a superb job in the flick in terms of acting and chasing sequences. The film is a visual treat with top notch computer graphics and other use of high- tech gadgetry. The film has raised the bar further for superhero flicks. It is certainly better than anything bollywood has offered so far and is more in consonance with standards of Hollywood.


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