Movie Preview: Tell Me O Kkhuda (2011)

H. M. Creations presents TELL ME O KKHUDA, an upcoming drama which is all set to release on 27th October 2011.

A Hema Malini production TELL ME O KKHUDA is directed by Hema Malini and Mayur Puri, and it stars Esha Deol, Arjan Bajwa, Sudhanshu Pandey, Dharmendra, Vinod Khanna, Rishi Kapoor and Chandan Roy Sanyal.

The music of the film is composed by Pritam Chakraborty.

Character Sketches:

Esha Deol as Tanya
An aspiring writer, an incurable romantic by heart, a perfect blend of modernity and traditions… This is Tanya. Tanya believes in the immense power of love and God. The intense search for her roots, which Tanya takes up passionately and with headstrong determination, takes her around the globe. But she is willing to give the journey all it takes… All becauses of her strong faith in love and its capacity to transform life into a meaningful journey that transcends all barriers.

Arjan Bajwa as Jai
The suave, charming and dynamic companion to Tanya in this adventure/narrative as the ace fashion photographer, Jai. Completely loyal in his love for Tanya, he is a live-wire and a go-getter when it comes to life. He is wise and friendly in handling people and also sensible enough in taking all the uncertainties of life in a positive light. In her quest for her roots, Tanya relies on Jai completely. He is her friend, confidant and her formidable pillar of strength.

Chandan Roy Sanyal as Kuki
Kuki is an endearing character who is game for any adventure in the name of friendship. He is bold and outspoken. His impulsive ways and typical straight-forwardness often lands him in the most hilarious circumstances. He is Tanya’s childhood buddy; he loves Tanya and Jai, and volunteers to join them in their thrilling journey through the most unfamiliar paths doing his rib-tickling antics in the most terrifying situations.

Dharmendra as Anthony
A gangster, the backbone of the Goa mafia, the un-crowned ruler of the under-world, powerful, yet soft-hearted… Anthony, with his earthy sensibilities, has a way of seeing through and making the right judgement about people. He is constantly facing grave danger from the opposing clans. Aggressive by nature, betrayed by fate and friends, completely let down in love and romance, ruthless in his fight against anything unjust; Anthony encounters Tanya and her friends. The much dreaded mafia is amused by their courage and the task they had undertaken.

Rishi Kapoor as Altaf Zardari
Altaf Zardari – a handsome, sophisticated and a highly respected Indian is settled in Turkey… a land which had made him a business tycoon. He believed in living life to the fullest. But certain past events had turned his world around and he was going through a highly stressful marital life with a woman he was hopelessly in love with. Tanya’s sudden emergence in their quiet life brings the lost spunk and hope. Altaf does his nest to put his life back on track.

Vinod Khanna as Abhay Pratap
Abhay Pratap is the most respected industrialist in the state of Rajasthan. A royalty by birth, he is revered for affluence and integrity. Abhay Pratap is a proud inheritor of the great legacy of his ancestors. This dignified ruler held work at the top of his list of priorities in life. He was progressive in his thoughts and was not in favour of the treatment meted out to girls and girl-children in his state. Tanya and her friend come into his life like a breath of fresh air and he is intrigued by their charming ways.

Farooq Sheikh as Ravi Kapoor
Ravi Kapoor is a retired Army officer and Shikha is his wife. As parents they loved and doted on their daughter, Tanya, immensely. A courageous officer in his Army days, Ravi Kapoor brings up his lovely daughter with utmost care and is willing to sacrifice anything for her happiness, Shikha, the understanding wife and a gentle, adoring mother supports both of them in every way.


The Universe provides succor to everyone born under its nourishing space. An apparently less privileged person will still find room to adjust his needs according to available resources. At the same time, the Universe responds to the needs of the individual if only he/she can show a genuine expression of his/her needs and works towards making it a reality. Whether she understood this law of the Universe or not, little Tanya (Esha Deol) brought up in the secure and contented environment of a loving family decides to chart an unpredictable course all with the intention of location her biological parents.

Why, one may ask should she leave the cocoon of luxury and comfort and embark on a turbulent journey to seek her roots. TELL ME O KKHUDA gives a most plausible reason for Tanya to chase her near impractical dreams and what follows is an array of dramatic and dangerous escapades into the wilds of Turkey, the deserts of Rajasthan and the carnival crazy Goa.

TELL ME O KKHUDA takes one on a roller-coaster ride to the hopes and despair of Tanya. As befitting a young girl of her age and temperament, Tanya does not lose sight of a flash of romance that hits her way well before this arduous journey and continues to draw inspiration and strength from this romantic association during the search. A film, emotional, adventurous and classy, TELL ME O KKHUDA will make one sit up and realize that the life of young girl is indeed a tapestry of colour, courage, quest and an achievement to cap it all.

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