Movie Review: Jo Dooba So Paar (2011)

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We rarely come up with small-town stories. That’s because presenting the urban lifestyle has become a norm. Another reason could be the Indian diaspora/NRI audience doesn’t relate to small-town stories. The NRI audience contributes a big chunk of revenue and film-makers are keen on tapping the income generated from international shores. JO DOOBA SO PAAR, directed by Praveen Kumar, makes you travel to the bylanes of a town in Bihar that is populated with a bunch of engaging characters.

While the director has an interesting plot on hand, it’s the screenplay that lets him down. The end result is that JO DOOBA SO PAAR is heart-felt and intermittently enjoyable, but not delightful in totality.

Kishu (Anand Tiwari) is very notorious in the entire Bihar. He is kicked out of school. He assists his father on the truck only to realise the criminal nature of his work. He quietly watches it all indifferently and then one day falls in love.

Sapna (Sita Ragione Spada) is an american girl with an italian decent. She is in Bihar to research on Madhubani paintings. She wants to head into dangerous parts of Bihar in order to pursue her research and is in search of a guide until her search ends with Kishu coming to her rescue.

And even before Kishu’s love for Sapna gets reciprocated, Sapna’s boyfriend Mark (Alexx O’Niel) comes to India followed by an abduction of Sapna by a bunch of goons.What follows is a series of madcap events owning to the chase for the love in Bihar.


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Positive Reviews
3.0 “This one’s not routine cinema, nor does it have mass appeal. But the niche audience will enjoy the integrity of tone and character.”
Times Of India
Average Reviews
Negative Reviews
2.0 “The film, which starts well and then peters out.”
1.5 “JO DOOBA SO PAAR is a strictly okay fare, with some endearing moments and some not-too-charming ones.”
1.5 “JO DOOBA SO PAAR… IT’S LOVE IN BIHAR had the potential of going the BHEJA FRY way!”
1.5 “In the absence of a tight script and a worthy story, ‘Jo Dooba So Paar’ sinks without a trace.”
1.0 “Jo Dooba So Paar doesn’t get the audience’s attention too far. Half-baked and badly shot, the film is best avoided.”
1.0 “Bihar has inspired filmmakers to come up with some really cutting edge films like Omkara and the recent Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster. This one doesn’t quite cut it. Avoid!”
1.0 “It’s Love In Bihar is bland and boring.”
DNA India
1.0 “It’s as boring as watching paint dry. “
IBN Live
0.5 “Watch it if you are keen to watch different cinema.”

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