Movie Review: Rascals (2011)

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Box Office: Flop

RASCALS is a comedy about the joys of conning where Sanjay Dutt and Ajay Devgn play two cool competing conmen trying to out-scheme each other in consistently amusing and surprising setups.

But when both fall for the same girl (Kangna), the competition reaches an all new level as both men constantly attempt to outwit each other to win over the surprisingly elusive Kangna!

Since much of the comedy involves people taking advantage of one another, having everything put forward in such a gossamer manner that RASCALS becomes an enjoyable journey throughout with an interesting twist at the end!

Video Reviews:

Times Of India says

Rascals is what one can call a ‘vacation’ filmmaking stint where everyone works on the film as if they were on a ‘holiday’ and the audience is expected to ‘leave’ their senses behind. The actors make least efforts to add conviction to their performances and the patchy writing just allows them to play as they please. Invariably the director tries to camouflage the shallowness in the story by adding depth only in the decibel levels of the dialogue delivery.


Good Reviews  |  Average Reviews  |  Bad Reviews
Positive Reviews
3.5 “RASCALS is a madcap, over the top, zany entertainer aimed at the masses with wild, wacky… and naughty script”
3.0 “RASCALS is what the film promises… buy your ticket, take your popcorn, and get set for a situational comedy.”
3.0 “Watch it, have fun, move on.”
Average Reviews
Negative Reviews
2.0 “‘Rascals’ has few chuckles and lots of cleavage! “
Apun Ka Choice
2.0 “Rascals is a mad comedy and if you like loud and slapstick humor, go for it, or else you will ending up call yourself a ‘rascal’!”
Planet Bollywood
1.5 “Rascals is plain lame!”
1.5 “Watch Rascals if you can laugh at just about anything.”
1.5 “Rascals will work only with those who love to wishfully forget their brains at home while going for a film. For those seeking substance in cinema, Rascals will make you look like a rascal for having made the choice. “
1.5 “Wanted urgently: A makeover for David Dhawan’s brand of comedy. Seriously, this comedy is not funny.”
NDTV Movies
1.5 “The film is sexist, racist, and highly insensitive. But worse of all, it’s a crashing bore. Steer clear!”
1.5 “The film is sexist, racist, and highly insensitive. But worse of all, it’s a crashing bore. Steer clear!”
1.0 “Rascals ends up being a silly and stupid comedy! “
Times Of India
1.0 “Clearly, David Dhawan’s latest is a no-go…!”
1.0 “Hammering your toes would be more entertaining than Rascals”
DNA India
1.0 “This one defies a film. You just lose interest after a while.”
Hindustan Times
1.0 “Sanjay Dutt and Ajay Devgn starrer fails to entertain.”
1.0 “‘Rascals’ is infuriatingly unfunny”
IBN Live

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